What to do When you Feel Stuck

Camp Path

one of my favorite camp sites

I’m minutes away from leaving the computer behind for three days while I frolick with my friends of the forest (I’m going camping). My wonderful boyfriend is joining me tonight, but after tomorrow afternoon I’ll be on my own. This is a yearly tradition and something my body really yearns for. Silence, stillness, and communion with nature on this scale fills me up and renews my clarity so that I can proceed with enthusiasm.  I know that if I ignore this nudge, I’ll get bogged down and solutions to everyday obstacles will stop coming.

This weeks’ video will explain why getting stuck happens and what you can do to break the frustration of being in that state. You can watch it here:

(Can’t see the video? Watch it on Youtube here.)

PS:  Have you heard about Soulfullpreneur Radio?  It’s an internet based talk radio show all about bringing together spirituality and business.  I host it with my dear friend Megan Crandlemire and next week’s guest just happens to be an expert on filling up and taking a pause.  Asha Croggon will be on talking about her Whole Hearted Yes approach to life.  If you’d like to listen live and even ask her a question, go to Soulfullpreneur.com and sign up for updates.  I’ll email you with a link to the show Tuesday morning so you won’t miss it.


  1. Melissa johnston says

    I love the grass analogy. Too much sun or too much water….thank you for the gentle reminder on space and balance!

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