What is your Sacred Money Archetype? Interview with Roben Hand

Do you understand your own money patterns?  We’re all familiar with being a saver or a spender, but your money pattern is deeper than that.  Roben Hand works with Sacred Money Archetypes and helps people get clarity on their money patterns.  This can free them a lot of guilt, shame, and wondering about why their money story is what it is.

Knowing your personal archetypes empowers you to be better with money and to allow more of it into your life.  I had a session with Roben and loved it so much I wanted to interview her for you during The Money Month of May series.  So what is your Sacred Money Archetype?  Watch and find out.

Download the audio

To connect with Roben and download her free gift, check out her website Energized Perspectives.  I’d love to hear what you think your Sacred Money Archetype is.  Let me know in the comments.



What's your take away?