I Had an Unexpected Guest in my New Office :)

This is just a quick little video about my office encounter today.  I also show you around!

Do you follow the clues in your own life?  I find it helpful to take the outside reflections as validation of my intuition.  Tell me your stories in the comment section.

<3 Rachel


  1. Julie Capuano says

    Hi Rachel,
    I came across you video while looking at the teachers and staff at Sound. I wanted to try to get to know everyone and what services are being offered. I had to chuckle when you spoke about the ladybug. I have had two sightings upstairs in the big space. I teach Music Together, the early childhood music and movement program – yes we make lots of joyful noise:)
    The first sighting was observed by a wonderful young boy named Max. He was very respectful and little lady bug watched our class from the windowsill after being found on the floor. The second sighting was while I was cleaning up on a different day. Ladybug was happily resting on a pillow.
    I, too, have been asking for a bit of guidance and when I saw ladybug was delighted as I considered it a positive sighting.
    I thought I would share..I look forward to meeting you in at Sound!

  2. says

    Hi Julie,
    I was looking at your brochure yesterday :) I hope we run into each other soon. Thank you for sharing your ladybug stories. It’s nice to know we both got our positive clues in the same way. I truly love the space at Sound and the upstairs is wonderful. I look forward to hearing your joyful noises! <3 Rachel

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